Swimming Pool

We can offer two large swimming pools plus two wading pools for children.

Rooftop swimming pool

Fitness Corner

The fitness center is located on the ground floor of the new deluxe wing. Follow the directions posted in the corridors. a comprehensive selection of high quality exercise equipment for the use and enjoyment of our guests. As with all exercise equipment (and high stress exercise programs) you must be aware of your limitations. Be careful not to exceed you abilities!

Kid's Room

The kid's room is locate in the Fitness Center at the ground floor of the Premier Wing. Catering to the interests of our younger (and young at heart) guests.

Thai Cooking Class

Our chefs are Thai experts with years of experience cooking Thai, and a love of their art. Whether avid home cook or aspiring professional. You will learn all the skills you need to cook one of Asia's most varied and fascinating cuisines.

If you interest is simply in learning more about what goes into Thai food dishes in order to enhance your knowledge and enjoyment when dining out, don't hesitate to join us. Whatever your inspirations, whatever your level, because our classes are kept small. Your individual needs will be addressed with as much attention as you require.

This cooking class include course materials recipe, cook's cap, souvenir cook's apron, lunch, soft drinks, coffee or tea and certificate.

Fruit Carving

As ancient Thai art involving the creative an attractive presentation of fruits and vegetables. The course will be taught by our own expert culinary staff.

The carving of fruits and vegetables into delicate and intricate forms and shapes is an ancient Thai art. Our skilled instructor will reveal and demonstrate the skill and the secrets of this age old Thai pastime.

Your classroom experience will include a souvenir carving knife, a certificate of achievement, complimentary soft drinks and coffee or tea.